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Library Board of Control

The Lafayette Public Library Board of Control is the governing body for the Lafayette Public Library. The Library Board is comprised of residents of Lafayette Parish who are appointed by the Lafayette Parish Council to serve five-year terms of office.

To contact the Library Board of Control you may email any or all board members at  LPLBoard@lafayettepubliclibrary.org.

Correspondence can be sent to their attention at Lafayette Public Library, PO Box 3427, Lafayette, LA 70502 or messages can be left with the Library Director’s secretary at 261-5781.

  • Daniel Kelly, President [term expires: 9/30/2024]
  • Stephanie Armbruster , Vice-President [term expires: 12/31/2024]
  • Ella Arsement [term expires: 5/31/2028]
  • Robert Judge [term expires: 9/30/2025]
  • Allan Moore  [term expires: 12/31/2026]
  • Erasto Padron, Jr. [term expires: 11/30/2025]
  • James Thomas [term expires: 8/31/2025]

Sarah Monroe, Interim Library Director, Secretary

Library Board meetings are generally held the third Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise posted.  The Regular Meeting location, effective July 2015, is in the Main Library, 301 W. Congress Street, Lafayette, LA  70501 – in the Library Board Room, 3rd Floor Administrative Offices.   The Library Board Room is open to the public for all Library Board meetings.  Check the schedule through the links below for dates and agendas.   All Library Board meetings are open to the public.  Public Notice along with the agenda is posted in advance, in accordance with the Open Meetings Law.  This notice is posted on the bulletin board in the entry area of the Main Library and on this website.

The Lafayette Public Library Board of Control

La. R.S. 25:215 states that the board of control shall have authority to establish rules and regulations for its own government and that of the library not inconsistent with law, to elect and employ a librarian, and, upon the recommendation and approval of the latter, to employee assistant librarians and other employees.

Practically speaking the board

  • Employs and evaluates the library director.
  • Establishes and adopts written library policies.
  • Works to secures adequate funding for the library system.
  • Adopts the library system’s annual budget.
  • Is responsible for providing and maintaining library facilities, resources and services.
  • Develops the library’s plan of service, setting short and long range goals and objectives.
  • Serves as a connecting link between the library and the community and participates in the public relations of the library.
  • Follows Louisiana and Lafayette City/Parish laws, rules and regulations.




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