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Coming Soon! – The Musical Instrument Library (M.I.Brary)!

Ever wanted to take a musical instrument for a test drive? Soon you’ll be able to:

  • Browse our musical instrument inventory in the library’s catalog
  • Check out whichever you like for 4 weeks
  • Rock it or knock it!
  • When the time is up, return your instrument in its best condition
  • Try another instrument to see how it fits

What will be in stock?

  • Electric Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Banjo
  • Snare Drum
  • Violins
  • Rub-boards
  • Cajun Triangles
  • Keyboards
  • Electronic Drum Kit
  • Accordion

How did this all start?

Dr. Ryan Cazares formed a team to help him pitch this one-of-a-kind idea to a panel of investors at Civicside’s 24-hour Citizen Project event in July of 2017. “Imagine,” he said, “if there’s a Grammy award winner sitting right here with us, but they don’t even know it because they don’t have the money to purchase an instrument.” With that, the team was granted start up funds to stock up on an assortment of instruments to be enjoyed, free of charge, by members of the local community. Now, at the Chenier Branch of the Lafayette Public Library, you can check out a guitar, keyboard, or even an accordion the same way you would a book. Who knows — maybe we’ll be reading about you next!