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Make it your New Year’s resolution to read more books in 2015! Better yet, strive to read or listen to 100 books between January 1 and December 31, so you can become a member of the Lafayette Public Library System’s 100 Book Club. Receive cool prizes and recognition, plus the bragging rights to say you accomplished something few others will!


The rules are simple:

  1. Club membership is open to readers ages 6 and up.
  2. Members must read or listen to the title themselves (children cannot count books that have been read to them).
  3. Participants are not excluded from joining any other LPL reading programs.
  4. You can join at any time during the year, but only titles completed by December 31 will be counted.
  5. Each title can only be counted once per calendar year, but feel free to read your favorite book multiple times a year, anyway!
  6. Paperbacks, hardbacks, large print, graphic novels, eBooks, audiobooks and eAudiobooks count. Magazines and comic books do not count, nor do picture books that are read by patrons over age 10.
  7. Participants who have read 100 books in the calendar year must submit their reading logs to the library for verification. Once verified, these patrons will become Club Members and receive:
  • A Club T-shirt
  • A Seal for their library card
  • An Invitation to LPL’s Annual Club Member Recognition Reception

Club Members are members for life. However, prizes will only be awarded in the year in which 100 books have been read. Members are allowed to reach the 100-book goal (and receive prizes) in multiple years.

Patrons can click here to sign up or visit any Lafayette Public Library location to sign up in-person and receive a personal reading log. Take the pledge to read 100 books in 2015!

Click here to sign up for the 100 Book Club.



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