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Digital Microfilm Reader

The Lafayette Public Library owns a ST 200 microfilm viewer-scanner that you can use to convert microfilm, microfiche, and microcards to digital image files.

With this system you can email, print, or save your images to a USB flash drive.

Saving Images
At the top of the Scan-Write window, you will see icons representing the choices. (See screenshot below.) Detailed instructions on how to save your images is also provided below.

File Types
Regardless of which method you choose for saving, you will be prompted to choose a file type for your images. Scan-Write allows you to specify the format for saving your image(s). Options include: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PDF.
Unless you have specific file type needs and understand the differences between the various types, we recommend saving your images as PDF.
To save all of your images into one continuous PDF file, select PDF (1 File).

To Save to a USB Memory Stick:
1. Insert memory stick into USB drive
2. Click “Send To USB” at the top of the screen.
3. On the next page, pick your desired file type (see above). Then click the “Send To USB” button, located below the options for file type.
4. Your image(s) will now save to the memory stick. The program will automatically create a “scanwrite” folder for the file(s).
5. Verify that your files have saved correctly to your memory stick by clicking on “My Computer” from the computer’s desktop. Find your USB drive and check the contents for your files.