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Interlibrary Loan


If a book or other library material is not found in the library’s collection, patrons can request the item through the Interlibrary Loan Department. Interlibrary Loan involves borrowing materials from in-state and out-of-state libraries. Therefore, requests for materials through Interlibrary Loan can take as little as one week and up to six weeks depending on availability. Most requests are filled within a two week period. Patrons may submit up to five requests per day.

Lafayette Public Library (LPL) fills requests for AudioVisual materials such as videos, DVDs, audiobooks, music, etc. only if they are available to borrow from other Louisiana libraries. Requests can be placed by phone at 261-5757, in person at any Lafayette Public Library, or through our on-line catalog by using the tab “Request Item not at LPL“.