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Try BiblioBoard: A New Indie Author Composition Service

Introducing BiblioBoard: A New Indie Author Composition Service!

Are you looking for the perfect platform to publish that dystopian thriller you wrote last NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)? Look no further! The Lafayette Public Library is now offering BiblioBoard, a suite of tools to help patrons create, publish and read self-published books in our library catalog.

Kiera Parrot, book reviews director for Library Journal and School Library Journal, helps to explain the need for this new platform. “As self-publishing expands,” she writes, “libraries around the country are faced with a challenge: How do they evaluate this new influx of material? What self-published titles should they add to their collections? How do they accommodate local authors who want to make their books available to their community?” Our new self-publishing services address these questions and help to serve a critical need in our community. BiblioBoard Library allows patrons to access self-published eBooks from participating libraries. You can access the BiblioBoard Library by visiting

Pressbooks allows you to write, design and create sleek eBooks and print files in all major formats (ePUB, Mobi, PDF, etc.) that meet the requirements of both eBook distributors and print-on-demand vendors.

Within Pressbooks, we have SELF-e, the online self-publishing tool that allows patrons to publish the books they’ve created to our BiblioBoard Library, Amazon, or any other web-based bookseller. We’re particularly excited about SELF-e, as it allows Library Journal to curate our catalog and make sure that publications are carefully reviewed for quality before publishing. To submit your book as a PDF or an ePUB file for review to the Library Journal, you may click here to get started with SELF-e. Once submitted, your book can be viewed by patrons of participating Louisiana libraries and may even be chosen by Library Journal as a SELF-e selection alongside other great indie reads across the United States.

The Lafayette Public Library staff is always searching for new ways foster a local literary community and support regional authors. We believe that these new tools are a great way to accomplish that. With your library card and email address, you can now sign up for Pressbooks and SELF-e by visiting

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