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September 2023

The Library Board voted to move forward with purchasing 6 acres of the property located at the intersection of Louisiana Avenue and Shadow Bluff Drive. Library Administration is working with legal to finalize a purchase agreement with the Parish Council, as well as pursuing a survey to subdivide the land.

June 2023

The Lafayette Parish School Board voted to allow discussions between the Library Board and/or Lafayette Parish Council on a possible sale of School Board property for the purpose of building a  library on Louisiana Avenue.

The Library Board authorized the library director to engage in discussions with the Lafayette Parish School Board to finalize a proposal for the sale and purchase of property for a northeast library and to perform any acts necessary to do so.

May 2023

The landowners of property located at the intersection of Louisiana Avenue and Shadow Bluffs Drive gave a presentation at the Board meeting. The Board discussed the property and deferred action until more information could be gathered.

March 2023

Discussions with ESD properties ended with no agreement to purchase property for a library.

January 2023

The library received an appraisal for the ESD property in December 2022. ESD Investments and the library have been discussing the valuation of the property with the hope that the parties can move forward with the project.

Additionally, while discussions with ESD are ongoing, two property owners with land on the Louisiana Avenue corridor have expressed interest in seeing a library built and a willingness to make a proposal should current negotiations not bear fruit.

September 14, 2022:

The ESD Investments property located at 2600 Louisiana Avenue is the property recommended for purchase to construct a new library. This decision was established at the August 15, 2022 Library Board of Control Meeting.

Minutes from the August 15, 2022 Library Board of Control Meeting can be found at the below link:


Library Administration is in the process of having the property appraised. This process is done ensure the price offered meets the legal requirements of a land purchase by a government agency.

July 27th 2022:

View the Final RFP Responses.

NOTEThe RFP for land acquisition has been made available online for interested parties. Please visit this page and see “Attachments” for more information.

May 5th 2022:

View the RFP Responses.



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Meetings & Minutes:

To view the Library Board of Control’s regular board meeting minutes, click here.

January 5 – 5:30 pm – Northeast Exploratory Committee Meeting

February 9 – 5:30 pm – Northeast Library Exploratory Committee Meeting