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Genealogy resources, language learning, and skills development. Whether you’re a hobbyist or looking to expand your skillset while looking for work, we have the tool for you.

Ancestry Library Edition
Similar to the subscription-based version of Ancestry.com, Ancestry.com Library Edition is an online source of genealogical and historical information with over 1.2 billion records in over 3,000 databases, and it’s all free to you with your library card! If you’ve ever wondered about your family history, now is the time to dive in! For a limited time, Ancestry.com Library Edition is available to patrons outside the library. Once this special at-home access has ended, you will still be able to access this database from any computer within our library system, and you can even send documents home! Log in today and start learning about who you are.

Britannica Digital Learning
Many people may remember having a beautiful set of reference books adorned with “Britannica” in golden letters down the spines. Now, the same information from those books is just a click away! Not only can you research all topics from bacteria to world history, but you can create a digital bookshelf, save your bookmarks, and keep notes, too. Hundreds of full color and black and white nonfiction e-books bring an entire world of knowledge right into your own home!

HeritageQuest Online
Sometimes genealogy searches can be confusing and overwhelming, but Heritage Quest Online is here to help. Powered by Ancestry.com, this genealogical database allows the user to search census information, local history books, wills, city directories, military records as far back as the Revolutionary War, cemeteries, and Freedman’s Bank. You can also find helpful guides under the “Research Aids” tab that will get you started with your search and help lead you beyond searching the census. As you find the records you need, there is a handy “send document” button that allows you to send the records to your personal email address.

LinkedIn Learning
What if you could learn photography, Photoshop, animation, web development, marketing, graphic design, and video production all in the same place? How about mastering Microsoft Office and Adobe suites? What if all the courses were taught by industry professionals and FREE to you? If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not! It’s all at LinkedIn (formerly Lynda.com)!

Hello! Hola! Ciao! Konnichiwa! Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Do you have a business trip to another country coming up soon, and you need to learn the basics? Is English your second language, and you would like to be more fluent? Begin your language journey with Pronunciator! Pronunciator provides access to 163 languages and counting – each featuring 10,000 instructional phrases, hundreds of live 30-minute classes per week led by qualified teachers, the largest English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum on the planet, and much more. Pronunciator also offers lessons for people whose native language is not English. It even has lessons for younger patrons, with specialized courses designed for specific age ranges from birth through High School.

Sanborn Maps
Cities and towns are ever-changing, and Sanborn Maps gives you the opportunity to see a city’s maps between 1867 and 1970! Sanborn maps chart the growth and development of Louisiana towns and cities and were created to assist fire insurance companies as they assessed fire risks in an area. If you’ve ever wondered what your neighborhood or even your whole city looked like before 1970, Sanborn has a Louisiana map for you!

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