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The Seed Library by Healthy Acadiana

What is The Seed Library?
The Seed Library by Healthy Acadiana is a free program committed to cultivating community connections and educating our community about growing, harvesting, and saving seeds. By encouraging Acadiana to garden, the program aims to reconnect our community to the traditions of growing healthy, delicious food. The Seed Library, located at the Main Library, has a collection of fruit, vegetable, and pollinator seeds that you can borrow to plant and grow at home. The Lafayette Public Library, in conjunction with community partners, will offer programming on various gardening topics and provide resources to help ensure our community members succeed.

How does The Seed Library work?
Full-service library cardholders can borrow up to 2 packets per day. Seeds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be placed on hold. Seeds are only available at the Main Library during regular hours of operation and availability may vary. Seeds do not need to be returned. However, The Seed Library thrives on donations. Seed borrowers are encouraged to learn basic seed-saving techniques, so please consider donating seeds back to The Seed Library after you grow your plants. You can drop off seed donations (saved or store-bought) at the circulation desk at the Main Library. For more information, please call (337) 261-5765.

How did The Seed Library start?
The idea for a seed library in Lafayette was first discussed at a Healthy Acadiana Coalition meeting in June 2022, and we must say, the seed that was planted at that meeting has really grown! The program really started to bloom when Team Seed Library participated in the 24 Hour Citizen Project in November 2022 and received $2,000 in funding to make a seed library a reality. Over the following months, a subcommittee of dedicated members worked hard to bring this idea to fruition. The Seed Library by Healthy Acadiana officially sprouted on April 18th 2023, and we can’t wait to see how it grows!

The Seed Library by Healthy Acadiana would not have been possible without the generous support and donations from several community organizations, businesses, and members.

The Seed Library Committee Members:

  • Marissa Winters, United Way of Acadiana
  • Amy Broussard, Woman’s Foundation
  • Sarah Monroe, Lafayette Public Library
  • Chris Adams, Acadiana Food Alliance/ Earthshare Gardens
  • Kristen Wesley, Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Crystal Hudkins, OPH Region 4
  • Maddox Miller, LSU Ag Center
  • Healthy Acadiana Members

The Seed Library logo was designed by Burning Stick Creative.

Seeds were generously donated by Chastant Bros., High Mowing Seeds, Seed Savers Exchange, Burpee, and other community donors.

The Seed Library card catalog cabinet was handcrafted by Kevin Blanchard.

Many thanks also go out to Grow Acadiana, Louisiana Native Seed, and 24 Hour Citizen Project for their support in launching this program.

Thanks to Healthy Acadiana and the LSUAg Center, we have added seed growing guides for several Louisiana flowers, fruit, and vegetable plants. Click the plant names below to access each growing guide or click here to view the Healthy Acadiana Seed Growing Guide (PDF).


Below you will find examples of seeds we offer.  Please stop by at our Main Downtown location to see what is currently available.

CORN: G 90 Funks
CORN: Golden Bantam
SUMMER SQUASH: Yellow Crookneck
SQUASH: Early White Bush Scallop
CUSHAW: Striped
CUCUMBER: Poinsett 76
ZUCCHINI: Dark Green
OKRA: Emerald Green Velvet
OKRA: Cowhorn
OKRA: Clemson Spineless
PEA, PINKEYE: Purple Hull
COLLARDS: Georgia Southern
CUCUMBER: National Pickling
WATERMELON: Crimson Sweet
MUSTARD: Tender Greens
MUSTARD: Tender Greens
IRIS: Louisiana Yellow
HIBISCUS: Red Star of Texas
COSMOS: Orange, Yellow, Diablo Burnt Orange, Sulfur Orange
LETTUCE: Salad Bowl
CABBAGE: Copenhagen
AMARYLLIS: Red and White
PUMPKIN: Jack-o-Lantern
ALYSSUM: Sweet White Clusters
ZINNIA: Yellow

Scan the QR Code below or click here to view the LSUAg Center Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide (PDF).