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Auto-Renewal Service for Non-Digital Library Items

Auto-Renewal Service for Non-Digital Library Items

The Lafayette Public Library now has technology that will track and auto-renew physical items that have been checked out by our patrons. We understand that people are living busy lives and we are working to find ways to help alleviate some of that pressure.

Here’s how our automatic renewal service works:

* No more late fees [but we still have late fees] – your non-digital items will automatically renew before they are overdue letting you return them at your convenience. Our computers check your account for eligible items (books, audiobooks, DVDs/Blu-rays, and music CDs) and renew them on the day they become due – extending the item’s loan period from the original due date.

* Most library materials, except for special items, can be renewed up to six times, as long as no one else has requested that item and the patron’s account is clear of charges. Items can be renewed on our website (click on My Account on the top right side of the online catalog page), on our LPL Mobile app, or by calling (337) 261-5784 during regular business hours. Items can be renewed after the due date; however, late fees are charged if renewed after the grace period.

* All items have a renewal limit. Video games, puzzles, board games, Kilowatt EZ meters, and air quality monitors can be renewed once. Musical instruments and adventure kits cannot be renewed. If an item reaches its renewal limit or if another patron has placed a hold on the item, then it will not renew. You will receive an overdue notification ahead of the item’s due date along with a 14-day grace period to return the item.

* Late fees will apply when an item’s renewal limit is reached and the item has not been returned within the grace period.

Please note that any existing fines still apply. If the allowable number of automatic renewals has occurred or if an item is on hold, then an item will not automatically renew.