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Drive-Thru Services

NOTE: Available at the Main Library (301 W. Congress St., Downtown Lafayette), East Regional Library (215 La Neuville Road, Youngsville), North Regional Library (5101 N University Ave, Carencro), South Regional Library (6101 Johnston St, Lafayette), and West Regional Library (501 Old Spanish Trail, Scott).

Here are four good reasons to use our Drive-Thru services:

1. Convenient
You don’t have to get out of your car, unload your kids, or get wet to return your books or pick up requested materials.

2. Avoid Standing in Line
Service at the pick-up window is quick, without long lines.
• Drive-thru service at the Main Library begins at the same time the library opens.
• Drive-thru service at the East Regional Library opens 15 minutes before the library opens.
• Drive-thru services at the North Regional, South Regional, and West Regional Library open 30 minutes before each library opens.
All drive-thru windows close 15 minutes before each library closes. You will still have to enter the building to make payments.

3. 24/7 Book Return Service
After hours? … No problem. The book return window is operational any time of day or night.

4. Secure and Weatherproof
When returning books or other library materials in the drive-thru book return, the items are deposited directly into the building, safe from the elements.