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Fun and entertaining Youtube videos for kids and kids at heart!





Tuesday’s Videos:

Shivery Snow Paint (January 12): Learn how to create some chilly snow paint with this easy recipe made from things you’ll likely have at home! Ages 3 – 12.

Apple Nachos (January 19): Learn to make a sweet, fruity snack and impress your friends! Ages 7 & up.

Polar Plunge (January 26): learn how blubber helps protect polar animals from the freezing arctic temperatures and improvise some for yourself! How long will you be able to keep your hand in ice water?

Dish Soap Silly Putty (February 2): Make your own silly putty with items from home. Ages 5 – 12.

Pom Pom Pets (February 9): Let’s get crafty! Tune in to learn how to make an adorable pocket-sized animal friend.

Flower Science (February 23): Learn about how water moves through plant stems and watch the plants’ petals change color. Try it at home! Ages 5 – 12.


Thursday’s Videos:

Snowman Art (January 14): Paint without a paintbrush! Create an amazing snowman by dot painting. Ages 5 – 12.

Build a Straw Roller Coaster (January 21): Let’s get building! Grab a box, some straws, tape, and a ping pong ball, and let’s build a roller coaster! Ages 5 – 12.

Insect Science (January 28): learn the difference between bugs and insects, and then complete the Build an Insect Challenge using a kit you can pick up from the Main Library (While supplies last). 

Olaf Sock Snowman (February 4): Take in the last bit of winter by making everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. Ages 5 – 12.

Treat Yourself (February 11): Be your own Valentine and make yourself some lip balm and soap dough! Ages 7 & up.

Braille Craft (February 18): As part of our Lafayette Reads Together community read, Haben, learn to make your own braille letters using salt and glue. Ages 5 – 12.

Giant Jenga (February 25): Learn how to make a game of giant Jenga that’s safer for kids. Ages 5 – 12.

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