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Craft Challenge Thursdays

Kids can look forward to a new craft challenge with a tutorial or example every Thursday! Be sure to check our Facebook page on Thursdays for a chance to post a picture of what you’ve made in the comments! Recommended for children.




Bubble Art
Have you ever painted with bubbles? We’ll show you how to mix up your own bubble paint and how to use it for art!
Thursday, June 25

Fireworks Paint
Paint fireworks using a homemade paintbrush.
Thursday, July 2

Shaving Cream Art
Let’s mix up some shaving cream and food coloring to create works of art that smell as good as they look!
Thursday, July 9

Fluffy Hedgehog
Make an adorable hedgehog with salt dough and Q-tips!
Thursday, July 16

Dragon Mounts
Have you ever wanted to ride a dragon? Now’s your chance! Tune in, and we’ll show you how to make your very own dragon mount.
Thursday, July 23

Glue Suncatchers
Join us as we show you how to make a suncatcher with glue nd food coloring!
Thursday, July 30


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