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Craft Challenge Thursdays

Kids can look forward to a new craft challenge with a tutorial or example every Thursday! Be sure to check our Facebook page on Thursdays for a chance to post a picture of what you’ve made in the comments! Recommended for children.

Foil Printed Trees (September 17): Paint your own tree using something you probably already have at home–aluminum foil!


DIY Sidewalk Chalk (September 24): Make your own sidewalk chalk paint with stuff you have at home!

Nature Art (October 1): It’s fall! Let the beauty of the season inspire you to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

Marble Painting (October 8): Gather your materials and get ready to learn how to paint with marbles!

Tessellations (October 15): Create your own funky artistic pattern! Wow your friends with the shapes you can make!

DIY Halloween Costumes (October 22): Grab some old clothes, paint, and felt because we’re making homemade costumes for Halloween!

Spooky Snack Art (October 29): Join us and make spooky snacks that are a work of art!



Previous Videos

Paper Spinner: Make your own toy spinner out of paper

Coffee Filter Creations: What can you make using a coffee filter, markers, and a little bit of water? Tune in to find out!

Fairy House: Would you like a fairy to visit your garden? Use your imagination to make a fairy house from things found in nature and your home.

Bubble Art: Have you ever painted with bubbles? We’ll show you how to mix up your own bubble paint and how to use it for art!

Fireworks Paint: Paint fireworks using a homemade paintbrush.

Shaving Cream Art: Let’s mix up some shaving cream and food coloring to create works of art that smell as good as they look!

Fluffy Hedgehog: Make an adorable hedgehog with salt dough and Q-tips!

Dragon Mounts: Have you ever wanted to ride a dragon? Now’s your chance! Tune in, and we’ll show you how to make your very own dragon mount.

Glue Suncatchers: Join us as we show you how to make a suncatcher with glue and food coloring!

Drawstring Pouch: Learn how to make your own no-sew drawstring pouch for small items.

Cardboard Roll Knitting: Make your own loom and learn to knit!

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