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Writes of Spring Writing 2020: Contest Winners List

The annual Writes of Spring Writing Contest involves K–12 Grade students residing in Lafayette Parish or the surrounding parishes of Acadia, Iberia, St. Landry, St. Martin, and Vermilion. These students submit original pieces of short fiction, nonfiction, or poetry in English, French, Spanish, or Mandarin. This contest is a collaboration of the Sigma Tau Delta of UL Lafayette and the Lafayette Public Library.

The results are in! Winners of the 2020 Writes of Spring Writing Contest are as follows:

K – 2nd Grade
NonFiction (1st Place) – Isolde Ancelet
NonFiction (2nd Place) – Lissandre Ancelet
Fiction (1st Place) – Cameron Poole
Poetry (1st Place) –Shya Hebert
Poetry (2nd Place) – Braxten Homan
Poetry (3rd Place) – Zara Amin

3rd – 4th Grade
NonFiction (1st Place) – Oluwatobi Douglas
NonFiction (2nd Place) –Brian Cheng
NonFiction (3rd Place) – Amelie Maraist
Fiction (1st Place) – Ali Mejia
Fiction (2nd Place) – Graycen Daly
Fiction (3rd Place) – Sophie Wilson
Poetry (1st Place) – Alison LeBouef
Poetry (2nd Place) – An Nguyen

5th – 6th Grade
NonFiction (1st Place) – Eloise Guarisco
Fiction (1st Place) – Noah Vincent
Fiction (2nd Place) – Joey Bejer
Fiction (3rd Place) – Isaac Moore
Poetry (1st Place) – Trenton Tate
Poetry (2nd Place) – Anna Campbell
Poetry (3rd Place) – Keiya Green
French Fiction (1st Place) – Raphaelle Chang-Fong
French Poetry (1st Place) – Camille Riley

7th – 8th Grade
NonFiction (1st Place) – Anna-Clare Melancon
Fiction (1st Place) – Charlee Melancon
Fiction (2nd Place) – Anabel Saft
Fiction (3rd Place) – Lillian Giroir
Poetry (1st Place) – Claire Hill
Poetry (2nd Place) – Morgan Callahan
Poetry (3rd Place) – Emily Jesclard
French Poetry (1st Place) – Thomas Chang-Fong

9th – 10th Grade
Fiction (1st Place) – Ella Ostheimer
Fiction (2nd Place) – Brianna Miller
Fiction (3rd Place) – Sophie Landry
Poetry (1st Place) – Macie Romero
Poetry (1st Place) – Madison Abadie
Poetry (2nd Place) – Adrianna Papillion
French NonFiction (1st Place) – Cecile Templet
French NonFiction (2nd Place) – Sydnie Courville
French NonFiction (3rd Place) – Katherine Doucet
French Fiction (1st Place) – Cade Mendoza
French Fiction (2nd Place) – Ashli Williams
French Fiction (3rd Place) – Abby Diesi
French Poetry (1st Place) – Aidan Ryder
French Poetry (2nd Place) – Annaclaire Zerangue
French Poetry (3rd Place) – Hailey Stuart
Spanish Poetry (1st Place) – Athena Constantine

11th – 12th Grade
NonFiction (1st Place) – Elise Theriot
NonFiction (2nd Place) – Harper Skrasek
NonFiction (3rd Place) – Abigail Gallagher
Fiction (1st Place) – Diana Mayer
Fiction (2nd Place) – Adam Judice
Fiction (3rd Place) – Mya Smith
Poetry (1st Place) – Rhiannon Broussard
Poetry (2nd Place) – Dylan Allred
Poetry (3rd Place) – Hailey Menard
French Poetry (1st Place) – Ellis Clay

Congratulations to all of our winners!


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