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Lafayette Public Library’s Mobile Branch

The Bookmobile is 32 feet long, handicap accessible, and outfitted with a mobile hotspot. The vehicle is stocked with a diverse collection of books, DVDs and audiobooks available to check out as part of its outreach services. It allows the Library to step up service to all Lafayette Parish residents outside of its nine brick-and-mortar locations. The Bookmobile, along with Outreach Services, provides the library services that patrons look for such as computer classes, crafts, STEM activities, and early literacy programming.

“This project is a game-changer for the Lafayette Public Library,” said Amy Wander, Outreach Services Librarian. “Now we have the ability to bring the library to patrons, wherever they are. We understand that we have seniors and families in our parish interested in library services, but may not have the mobility or transportation to access the branch nearest them. The Bookmobile will be a way we can improve equity of library services across the parish.”

The Go Go Biblio logo and Bookmobile wrap were designed by the talented staff of Right Angle. It features photos of the many ways that our community interacts with library services. The Go Go Biblio Bookmobile’s slogan is “Adventure at every turn!”


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