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Director’s Message: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

After a very long wait for our patrons and staff, we hope to have new state-of-the-art self-check stations in place at all regional library locations after the first of the year. What does that mean for our patrons? You will be able to checkout your library materials without staff assistance. The new system reads stacks of items instead of individual barcodes, reducing the steps in the checkout process and making checkout faster.

Staff will still be there to assist you, or they can checkout your materials with their own new equipment. Either way, it should reduce time spent waiting in a checkout line. This new technology also allows us to check in items just as fast. We started the process of converting all the item data into the new RFID system in October and hope to have everything ready to go after the first of the year. New library item security is also linked to the checkout process. Our new touch screen self-check stations should provide one-stop convenience for our patrons by integrating information on events and the on-line catalog all in one checkout display.

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