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Writes of Spring Writing Contest Winners Announcement

The Lafayette Public Library is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Writes of Spring Writing Contest.  We congratulate the winners and recognize the efforts of all students who contributed their entries.  We also thank the teachers for providing the instruction necessary for the students’ success and for encouraging and inspiring them in their scholarly pursuits.

Students will be honored for their achievements and are invited along with family and friends to celebrate at awards ceremonies on the following dates:

            9th – 12th grade winners-Thursday, May 3 at 6:30pm at Main Library, Downtown
            K-8th grade winners- Saturday, May  12 at 10am at South Regional Library

Winners will be awarded a certificate and an anthology of the winning works at the awards ceremony.

Following the high school ceremony on May 3 at 7:15 pm, Author e. lockhart will talk about her writing process.

Writes of Spring Winners 2018



1st          Sophie  Leblanc                 My First Day of Kindergarten                      Prairie Elementary School
2nd        William Bernard                My Favorite Vacation                                     Cathedral Carmel School
3rd         James Kahn                        The President                                                    Cathedral Carmel School

1st          Aiden Valois                       Hot Dog Land and the Invasion of Different Foods Episcopal School of Acadiana
2nd        Clara Troyanowski           The Three Little Dogs                     Episcopal School of Acadiana
3rd         Annabel Clark                    The Target Store Princess             Episcopal School of Acadiana


1st          Emilio    Barboza                I Am                                      Woodvale Elementary School
2nd        Cameron Poole                 The Nature Walk                  Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School
3rd         Austin   Schnaars              Yellow                                   Woodvale Elementary School


1st          Zoe LeBlanc                       The Negative Effects of China’s One Child Policy     Woodvale Elementary School
2nd        Zoey LeMaire                    Never Give Up                     Homeschool
3rd         Kamryn Michel                  A Better Life                       Palombo Christian Academy (homeschool)

1st          Amelie  Gomez                 A Horse’s Thoughts           Episcopal School of Acadiana
2nd        Evangeline Stonicher      My Dream                           Broadmoor Elememtary School
3rd         Gia Duplechin                  The Creation of Time        Plantation Elementary School


1st          Juliette Badeaux              Mice                                      Episcopal School of Acadiana
2nd        Auri Hansen                      Trees                                    Woodvale Elementary School
3rd         Wilson  Campbell             Here comes spring           Woodvale Elementary School


1st          Audrey Palombo              Bird Woman Palombo                    Christian Academy (homeschool)
2nd        Fletcher Reed                    The Love between Father and Son          Cathedral Carmel School
3rd         Ellie Guilliot                      Thank you God                                 Cathedral Carmel School


1st          Mazzie  Adkins                  Taiyo’s Secret                    David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy
2nd        Isabella Anderson            The Creature                     Myrtle Place Elementary School
3rd         Alex Ducote                      Crash Tester                      Edgar Martin Middle School

1st          Gabrielle Charles               Feelings                              L. J. Alleman Middle School
2nd        Anabel  Saft                        Time Passes                       Paul Breaux Middle School
3rd         Grace Pellegrin                  Blue                                     Episcopal School of Acadiana

Nonfiction-No winners  

1st          Sophie  Landry                  The Camera                       LJ Alleman Middle School
2nd        Brianna Miller                   Away from Home            Homeschool
3rd         Odelia   Saft                        After                                   Paul Breaux Middle School

1st          Jeanne Patterson            My Hair                                Homeschool
2nd        Kirsten  Cabato                Winter                                  L.J. Alleman Middle School
3rd         Teresa  Luong                   A Carefree Day                  Lafayette Middle School

9-10 Grade                                                          
Nonfiction-No winners

1st          Zoe Mixon                          The Robot and the Rabbit              Early College Academy
2nd        Lorena  Vallian                   I Live In a Town Called Okulan   Homeschool
3rd         Andrew  Comeaux             Nocturnal                                         St. Thomas More Catholic High School

1st          Andre Bonin                       Silhouettes and Smoke               John Paul the Great Academy
2nd        Eli Hindelang                      When Sticks Where Swords     John Paul the Great Academy
3rd         Emily Lormand                  Kindergarten (The Lie)             John Paul the Great Academy

1st          Emma Dumatrait              Sunshine                                       Teurlings Catholic High School

11-12 Grade                                                       
1st          Hunter  Stevens                Grow Up Better                              Carencro High School
2nd        Jaylan Solomon                Respiration                                      Acadiana High School
3rd         Kate David                        The Last Living Piece of Pa           St. Thomas More Catholic High School

1st          Linh Tran                              Blurred                                       Lafayette High School
2nd        Catherine Zehnder             The Shell                                     St. Thomas More Catholic High School
3rd         Madelyn DeJean                New York Taxi Cab                    St. Thomas More Catholic High School

1st          Jacob Camden                   A Black Hand                               Episcopal School of Acadiana
2nd        Paola Rios                           I Remember                                 Carencro High School
3rd         Logan Meaux                     The Nature of a Sunset              St. Thomas More Catholic High School

1st          Taylor Babineaux             The Kindness Of Soldiers              Lafayette High School

K-2 French                                                          
French NonFiction     
1st          Henry    Harding                 L’art                                                 Myrtle Place Elementary School

French Fiction 
1st          Dontasia Lawrence          Le Monstre                                        Myrtle Place Elementary School

3-4 French                                                         
French Poetry  
1st          Raphaelle Chang-Fong     Ma Vie                                                Prairie Elementary School

5-6 French                                                           
French NonFiction     
1st          Sephora Nyumba             Experience de Mardi Gras                Prairie Elementary School
2nd        Isabel    Acevedo              Journée Avec Carol Fran                   Prairie Elementary School

French Fiction   
1st          Ione Cagle           Terre Féerique                                                  Prairie Elementary School
2nd        Zoé Labrie           La Planet Guitare                                             Prairie Elementary School
3rd         Eden Meyer       Le Vie étrange des Deux!                                 Prairie Elementary School

7-8 French                                            
French Poetry      
1st          Athena Constantine                Louisiane, Terre des Festivals            David Thibodaux STEM Academy

French Poetry  
1st          Andrew Broussard                  Le Sport De Guérison                 St. Thomas More Catholic High School
2nd        Amelia  Hebert                        Quand Je Joue au Basket           St. Thomas More Catholic High School
3rd         Lily Woodruff                         La Fille des Fleurs                         St. Thomas More Catholic High School

11-12 French                                                      
French Poetry  
1st          Seth Dupre                         Une Nuit Blanche                           St. Thomas More Catholic High School

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