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Writes of Spring Writing Contest Winners

The Lafayette Public Library is proud to announce the Writes of Spring Contest winners. Thank you for all of your amazing entries! The High School Awards Ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 4 at 6:30 PM at the Main Library, followed by a talk on the creative process with a performance of a few songs by singer/songwriter Leyla McCalla at 7:15 PM. The Elementary/Middle School Awards Ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 6 at 10:00 AM at the South Regional Library. All winners will receive a certificate and an anthology of the winning submissions.

There is also a state writing contest, Louisiana Writes!, that all aspiring writers are encouraged to enter. More details about the contest can be found here: A reminder: no entries are automatically entered into the state contest; all entries must be resubmitted through their contest website.


English Language Winners

Kindergarten-2nd Grade                       Fiction

1st  Place- Alyssa Jones                             Henry’s New Friend

2nd Place- Ella Uebinger                             The Evil Snow White

3rd Place- Camille Jackson                           The Goose and the Fox


Kindergarten-2nd Grade                       Nonfiction

1st Place – Addison Morales                       Amelia Earhart

2nd Place- Parker Romero                           The McNeese Football Stadium

3rd Place- Grace Randol                              Running!


Kindergarten-2nd Grade                       Poetry

1st Place – Adeshewa Shomade                   The Question

2nd Place- Micayla Chaney                          The Cat and the Mat

3rd Place- Emma Stanford                            Little Flutterby


3rd-4th Grade                                Fiction

1st Place- Riley Rowell                              The ROBOTS vs. The GOONS

2nd Place- Roan Menard                              The Journals of RD, Future Scientist

3rd Place- Luke Finley                               The Poor Sport Monster


3rd-4th Grade                                Nonfiction

2nd Place- Luke Bacon                                The Day I Got My Dog

3rd Place- Gabby Monteleone                     Stories of Jake


3rd-4th Grade                                Poetry

1st Place- Violet Vale                               One Little Light

2nd Place-Emmeline D’Albor                     Down Dumps

3rd Place- Lilly Rader                               Fire


5th-6th Grade                                Fiction

1st Place- Amelie Poirot                             The Journey

2nd Place- Sophie Landry                           Sitting With You Beneath the Moon

3rd Place- Caden Pletcher                           The Last Giant


5th-6th Grade                                Nonfiction

1st Place- Carson Quebedeaux                  The Life of Amore

2nd Place- Mary Elise Quoyeser               The Hubble Telescope

3rd Place- Ella Menard                               Effects of Ancient Grecian Culture on Modern Society

5th-6th Grade                                        Poetry

1st Place- Liam Majeau                               A Tortured Man’s Accusation

2nd Place- Olivia Faul                               The Swallow

3rd Place- Mathile D’Albor                         Light In the Darkness


7th-8th Grade                                Fiction

1st Place- Erin Langlinais                         The Grand Apple Tree

2nd Place – Avery Cohen                             When You Find Me

3rd Place – Faith Hebert                             Imprisoned


7th-8th Grade                                Nonfiction

1st Place- Pierre Charbonnet                     The Whale

2nd Place – Collin Coon                              The Field Trip Journal: Your Last Breath

3rd Place – Ashtyn Raxsdale                     A Child’s Eye


7th-8th Grade                                Poetry

1st Place- Madison Abadie                         The Puppet on the Stage

2nd Place- Drake Primeaux                       Number One

3rd Place- Odelia Saft                               I Am From

9th-10th Grade                               Fiction

1st Place- Jessica Hackett                           Life After the Assault

2nd Place- Taylor Babineaux                       The Opportunist

3rd Place- Aleeciah Gilley                           Make America Great Again


9th-10th Grade                               Nonfiction

1st Place- Ethan Comeaux                            Did Anyone Check the Weather?

2nd Place- Christine Dore                            Not Your Usual Surprise for a Party

3rd Place- Donald Stemmans                      First Family Win


9th-10th Grade                               Poetry

1st Place- Ayanna Grundy                            Emancipation

2nd Place- Madison Cooper                        Americana

3rd Place- Danny Nguyen                             When Star and Moon Collide


11-12th Grade                                Fiction

1st Place- Joseph Bryson                             The Soul of Guitar

2nd Place- Joel Moreau                               The Door to Opportunity

3rd Place- Logan Daigle                              Day in the Life of a Chapel Door


11th-12th Grade                              Nonfiction

1st Place- Olivia Drago                              Earth Without “Art” Is Just “Eh”

2nd Place- Gabriel Chiasson                       The Symphony of Life

3rd Place- Brynne Tynes                              Don’t Wake the Grass


11th-12th Grade                              Poetry

1st Place- Sanaa Alam                                Evening Performance

2nd Place- Philip DeMoura                           A Jewish Graveyard

3rd Place- Anthony Guarino                         Warmth


French Language Winners

Kindergarten-2nd Grade                       Fiction

1st  Place- Raphaelle Chang-Fong             Une journee incroyable


Kindergarten-2nd Grade                       Poetry

1st Place – Camille Riley                            Annalese, le bonhomme de neige

2nd Place- Meredith Ramsay                      Meredith, le bonhomme de neige


3rd-4th Grade                                Fiction

1st Place- Jada Pham                                 Le Monstre et Les Petits Nains

2nd Place- Thomas Chang-Fong                 Bleu et La Princess des Dragons

3rd Place- Avah Theriot                              Le Cobra


3rd-4th Grade                                Poetry

1st Place- Isabella Anderson                         Le Silence


5th-6th Grade                                Fiction

1st Place- Anna Skerrett                             Troiselle Martin la troisieme

2nd Place- Ali Habib                                 Les Astronauts dans L’espace

3rd Place- Ahmed Elgamel                           L’attaque des tobots


5th-6th Grade                                Nonfiction

1st Place- Adler Bennett                             L’Egypt


5th-6th Grade                                Poetry

1st Place- Athena Constantine                   Dessin Est Mon Évasion et J’aime Voyager

2nd Place- Madison Lightfoot                     Magique
9th-10th Grade                               Poetry

1st Place- Lauren Trahan                             Si j’étais une couleur

2nd Place- Savannah Smith                         Un Tournesol

3rd Place- Kennedy Stansbury                     Si J’étais une couleur


11-12th Grade                                Fiction

1st Place- Joseph Benton                             La Forêt Magique

2nd Place- Richard Hart                              La Défaite du Grand Magicien

3rd Place- David Vizzi                               Le Cochon Vizzizzi


11th-12th Grade                              Poetry

1st Place- Jacob Breaux                              La personne que je veux devenir

2nd Place- Grace Bares                               Si j’étais

3rd Place- Evan Schwarzenbach                 Si j’étais un repas



This contest is a collaboration of the Acadiana Writers Project, the UL Lafayette Creative Writing Department and the Lafayette Public Library.

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